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QR Code Development

To expand your marketing capabilities & connect your offline & online world by adopting Quick Resoponse Technology into your marketing plan.

QR Code Development

What is a QR Code?

Before we venture into the applications and benefits of Quick Response Codes, it is important that brands and marketers first familiarize themselves with what these codes really are. QR Codes are in simple words two dimensional barcodes which carry information in the form of black and white dots, often addressed as "Data Pixels". These codes can contain up to 3000 characters and can be viewed through freely available scanners that can be downloaded on to your smart phone device. This makes it extremely convenient and easy for brands to engage with members of the target audience.

Why Must I Use QR Codes?

With a myriad of marketing tools already existent in the market, it is obvious for a brand to question - Why QR Codes?

For starters, we at EMK Interprises offer several practical ways in which this technology can benefit your marketing strategy. These can be easily placed on any type of printing material such as -

professional QR Code Development
  • Retail Visual Merchandising Collateral
  • Brochures, Posters, Flyers
  • Print Ads
  • Conference Displays
  • Business and Menu Cards
  • Postcards and Mailers

The codes we create can be easily scanned by users to automatically trigger a desired action in the form of -

  • Linking the user to a mobile website or registration page
  • Dial a customer service number
  • Send out a Text Message
  • Send out an Email
  • View a Special offer or receive a Promotion Code
  • Download Contact details
  • Get Directions to the nearest Store
  • Visit a Social Media Page

With so many innovative applications to QR codes, brands across industry segments are in the position to leverage this tool through their physical marketing material. This tool is a cost effective and efficient way in which brands can connect the offline world with their online counterpart.

Irrespective of whether you are an FMCG company, an NGO, a hospitality chain or an education institution you can use QR Codes for Marketing/Services/Product. Your band has the power to add another dimension to your marketing strategy with the help of QR Codes.

Customizing your Brand Strategy

By associating yourself with a reputed internet marketing and development company such as EMK Interprises, you can get yourself a Custom QR Code generated for a myriad of marketing requirements. With the help of the designer QR Codes that we generate, you will be in a position to create an additional property or space for effective branding.

A large number of our clients choose to create QR Codes with Company Logos in enhance brand recall, awareness and identification levels.

We are committed to providing our clients integrated customization services which help them in holistically promoting their web pages, promotional offers and other content.

Benefits of QR Codes

Here are some Key Benefits of using QR Codes in your marketing strategy -

  • Convenience - This tool offers an extremely convenient option in bringing your users one step closer to engaging with your brand via your website, through the phone, or by providing them with relevant information which urges to a call to action.
  • Eco Friendly Physical Marketing - By a continued conversation which typically takes place on a virtual platform, the reduced use of printed material can help create a positive perception among your target audience as an environment conscious brand.
  • Cost-Effective - Evidently a tool as freely available as this minimizes the expenses that you are expected to make towards your marketing strategy.
  • Added Versatility - The holistic nature of this tool makes it possible for us to design much more integrated strategies for our clients. With the ability to connect with a wider range of marketing materials, QR Codes are among the most recommended tools to employ in your promotional initiative.

With the abundant use of smart phones in today's generations, it makes the use of this tool a lot more accessible and practical. With the help of our trained experts we at EMK Interprises Developers can help you leverage this highly measurable took for marketing sustainability and positive results.

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