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MS Technologies

Simplify business process & attract customers with our innovative MS Application Development facilities.

MS Technologies

EMK Interprises is known in the industry for its expertise in Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET development, VB.NET, and C# .Net Web Development. We at EMK Interprises offer our experience to our clients to leverage latest technologies for the benefit of creating some of the most innovative and effective web applications. In addition to web based applications, we also offer our services for the development of desktop based applications by making effective use of ASP.NET programming tools.

Leveraging our Experience

professional MS Technologies

EMK Interprises invites you to come optimize our vast experience in the field of ASP.NET application development. Our interactive applications are designed based on the client needs and also taking into consideration vital elements such as what the end customer wants; how best one can engage the target audience and capture a market for the benefit of business growth.

Our competitive edge comes with the simple fact that our team consists of an excellent balance of technical or development expertise along with business and marketing expertise which combines together to offer to you world-class application based solutions using custom ASP.NET development tools.

Beating the Challenges of Application Development

When one is looking to hire a Microsoft .Net programmer, it is important for the client to first understand the challenges that go into creating a world class application that maintains its standards in quality and security. This in turn demands tremendous expertise, and this is where EMK Interprises comes into picture.

Our expert team is in the position of designing some of the most innovative and interactive applications using technologies such as AJAX and ATLAS. We also employ tools such as .NET win Forms, web services, SQL Server, and XML to enhance the application usability and experience.

Our expertise extends to the following aspects of MS Technologies -

  • Development of .Net System Designs.
  • Development of web based service applications.
  • Development of generic applications.
  • Development of desktop oriented applications.
  • .NET Compact Framework, versions 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5
  • Win Forms
  • Web services, SOAP, WPF, WCF, SOA, UDDI and WSE
  • SQL Server 2000/2005/2008
  • Windows Services
  • Linq, Entity Framework

We take especial pride in our ASP.NET web services. Our mastery in this area allows us to offer to our clients services in -

  • Web Application Development
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • M-Commerce Applications
  • B2B as well as B2C portal development
  • Programming and designing using ASP.NET tools
  • Porting and legacy application to ASP.NET

EMK Interprises encourages you to contact us for a free quote today. Within the first interaction with us, you will notice the professionalism and the efficiency that we work with. Our work philosophy seeps into all rungs of the business and eventually translates into excellence in our development services.

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